Cyber Security & Awareness Campaign (2022/23)

October is internationally recognized as Cyber Security Awareness Month. It will mark the launch of the OCSB Cyber Security and Awareness Campaign. Learning Technologies has curated resources from ECNO (Educational Computing Network of Ontario), Get Cyber Safe, Google: Be Internet Awesome, Media Smarts, and other sources to share with staff, students, and families as part of the campaign. The campaign will focus on four specific themes to promote awareness of cyber security, online safety, and online privacy.


Social Media, Gaming and the Metaverse

Social media and online games are great ways to stay connected, interact and have fun with family and friends.

The resources for this theme will explore how to engage in the online world safely.


Cyber Scams and Phishing

Cybercriminals are continuously finding new ways to scam/trick internet users of all ages into divulging sensitive information.

The resources for this theme will explore how to protect yourself from cyber scams and phishing.


Cyber Hygiene

We can all train ourselves to think proactively about cyber security, online safety, and privacy by establishing solid cyber hygiene practices.

The resources for this theme will explore healthy cyber hygiene habits for all ages.


Digital Wellness

Knowing when to rest, pause and limit the use of digital technology and the internet is essential for personal well-being.

The resources for this theme will explore how to moderate our use of digital technology.


Share your learning throughout the campaign on Twitter using #ocsbDigital4Good or using this form for your chance to win prizes for yourself/your class.

At the end of the campaign, students are challenged to use a digital tool (e.g. Canva, WeVideo) of their choosing to share what they have learned about cyber security. Students can share their work via Twitter using #ocsbDigital4Good or using this Google Form for a chance to win amazing prizes for their class.

Resources for Staff

Resources for Families


Families can continue the discussion at home with this digital resource. This resource includes an overview of the four themes and linked resources