Information for Parents

At the OCSB we ensure students from all our schools have access to devices and digital resources. We believe technology is a powerful tool than can enhance their learning experience. 

However, that access to technology needs to come with a number of safeguards. These come in two forms:

Technical protections online

In providing student's with access to technology, we have been careful to choose tools that allow us  to preserve students' privacy; Read about student use of technology in the OCSB to see he steps we are taking to ensure our students and their information are safe and secure. .

Behavioural expectations online

 It is our shared responsibility as educators and parents/guardians to ensure that students are equipped to behave as responsible Digital Citizens in an increasingly complex digital world.

The Samaritans on the Digital Road program was developed by the OCSB to help  build student awareness and skills for participating in the online world. The program is a series of age-appropriate lessons for each grade level (K-12) designed to develop students’ understanding that their citizenship and efforts to live gospel values extends to their presence in the digital world.

Responsible Use Policy - now Digital

At the beginning of each school year, you and your child will be asked to sign the OCSB's Annual Responsible Use of Technology AgreementThe purpose of the agreement is to ensure that parents and students are fully aware of their responsibilities when using board-owned or their own technology at school.   It is important to know that the policy states thataccess to network services is a privilege given to users who agree to use the services in a responsible manner.  Inappropriate use may result in a suspension or cancellation of access privileges.”

Students should be reminded that their Google account belongs to the school board and they should only use it for school-related tasks.

Youth should be aware that there are legal implications and consequences to the inappropriate use of images, cyberbullying, plagiarism and hacking.  

OCSB Policy: Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources


When students first access their Google accounts, they are assigned a password.  They should change it to one that they will remember but that is not easy to figure out.  If a student forgets their password, their teacher can reset it for them.  They should not share their password with anyone except their teacher and/or you.  Unfortunately, friends do not always remain friends and there have been a number of serious cyberbullying incidents that were made possible due to the sharing of passwords.  

Cell phone use during the school day:

Many students have smartphones and these can be useful devices for learning as well as communicating with others. When in a classroom setting we ask that parents support the use of these devices for learning only. Because these devices can be very distracting for students it is important to define parameters for their use during school. Should students need to communicate with parents, we encourage them to approach their teachers at an appropriate time, explaining their reasoning. Then, when there is a good opportunity in class, to find a moment to send the text.  Otherwise, educators will refer to the "Acceptable Use Agreement" which elaborates on the Educational and proper use of devices in school.